Ogri MCC's Summer Rally 2021


Well well well, where does one start?..........................Oh I know, with an ice cold beer and some of that fantastic Orgi hospitality!


Its been two long, long years since I was last privileged to shoot Ogri's last summer rally back in 2019, (though I can't recall why, lol) and all I can really say is........................ IT'S FUCKING GOOD TO BE BACK!!!


Ogri, I thank you, I thank you for putting on your best rally yet!

I Thank you on behalf of everyone that attended for the hard work every single one of you put into making that rally the very thing we ALL needed, for making it a success, for entertaining us, for feeding us, for keeping us all safe, for welcoming us and most importantly, for keeping us filled with beer.


You should all pat yourselves on the back for 'A job most definitiely well done' - Adam

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